Why we do what we do

A loaf of bread lasts two weeks. The plastic it comes wrapped in lasts 2000 years.

Imagine what could be done with a new kind of plastic film made from fish waste and algae? A compostable vegan leather, a bioplastic made from potato skins or the world’s most advanced purification membrane built on nanotechnology?

We know reinventing the materials we use will be a major part of building a sustainable future but what could this mean for you and your clients? What will the regulatory and business landscape look like as we move to a more sustainable future?

Innovation has the power to provide solutions. Right now, some of the smartest minds in the world are developing transformative materials in university laboratories, in their kitchens or makeshift workshops in the garden, or in our state-of-the-art workshops in Brighton and London.

This is why we launched Better World Collective. A programme designed to guide and educate, but most importantly to bring together the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs, academics, policy makers and corporates. We already have these materials at our fingertips, and we want you to help us create a more sustainable future. Be a changemaker, join the Collective.


We want to facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations that focus on outputs, delivering powerful projects and real impact. The programme includes representatives from the whole ecosystem including scaleups, corporates, academics, and policy makers.

Whether it’s potatoes being turned into plastic, fishing waste being used to make packaging, or vegan leather that is 100% kind to the planet...  Prepare to be surprised by the sheer potential of working with new innovators and startups, and just how easy it can be.

You will have:

  • Bespoke innovation workshops and collaboration projects designed just for you and your sustainability challenges.
  • First access to world class innovators, industry leaders and policy makers.
  • A calendar of exclusive events and showcases.
  • Thought leadership opportunities – from you and your peers around the future of innovation and sustainability.
  • Innovation Summits to discover the future of materials collaboration through start-up pitches, insight reports, inspiring leaders and more.
  • And brand positioning as a company that cares about and champions sustainability.

The Better World Collective has access to the most promising startup innovators, global corporates and universities; all coming together to tackle some of the biggest sustainable materials challenges of our time. We are creating social impact by helping businesses and communities thrive in partnership.

If you’d like more information or to chat about collaborating, you can email sarahmissen@plusx.space


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