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our sustainable material innovators

Our most recent graduate of the hardware accelerator programme, female CEO Mira Nameth has created a green leather, using 0.006% of the water in leather production.

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our sustainable material innovators

In 2019, while being on our accelerator programme, Chip[s]board formed a perfect partnership, with McCain, that supply raw materials (potato waste) for product production.

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Chip[s] board

our sustainable material innovators

Mimica Touch is a temperature-sensitive indicator cap or label for food freshness. It helps you store your food at the right temperature showing you when your food actually spoils.

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Mimica Touch

our sustainable material innovators

Aceleron is a clean technology company combating unnecessary battery waste, designing the world’s most sustainable lithium battery packs with a full circular economy approach

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our sustainable material innovators

Biohm came through our CRL Accelerator with the goal of creating materials from waste. Biohm is now a leading pioneer in the research of bio-based materials. 

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our sustainable material innovators

A better world collective has connected me with three corporate partners that helped me realise a more sustainable supply chain!

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Better World Collective Summits spark collaboration between the startups creating cutting edge solutions, and the corporates who can scale them. Held throughout the year, these two-day summits deep dive into your core challenges in sustainable innovation.

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We bring together the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs, academics,  policymakers,  and corporates to reinvent the materials we use and create new circular economy models to build a more sustainable future. 

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