Collaborate to Innovate


The Better World Collective connects change-makers in global business, innovators in sustainable materials, government policy makers and education partners to collaborate, invent, manufacture and deploy new sustainable materials to transform the health of our planet. We believe that organised collaboration is a sure-fire way to bring about change, and fast.

Sarah Missen, our Partnerships Director joined us from Techstars where she developed and cultivated relationships with corporates and start-ups globally. Collaboration has always been at the forefront of how Sarah works and integral to a successful relationship – harnessing the power of coming together as a force for good.  

Sarah says “Like so many businesses, governments and consumers worldwide, we feel an urgency to find new ways to unlock ideas and ignite real change that will transform the prospects for our planetary and human health. We designed the Better World Collective as a rapid, rich and accessible route to deliver meaningful solutions, drawing together established business with the innovators and policy makers to drive change in new sustainable materials”.


Here are Sarah’s 5 key points about why collaboration is so important when it comes to innovation.

Drive innovation

There are thousands of startups and scaleups solving your customers problems right now and they are doing it faster, cheaper and better than most internal R&D teams can. Joining forces with a startup can really drive innovation forwards, keeping you at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in technology and sustainable materials.

Transform culture

Working with startups and scaleups inspires your teams and opens their minds to new ways of working that can make your whole organisation more entrepreneurial. Startups are able to be reactionary and agile which makes for energised ways of working and speedy innovation!

Invest in the future

Working with startups and scaleups at the cutting edge allows you to shape the future of your industry and investing in them allows you to own it. This can elevate you and your organisation as thought leaders and pioneers.

The halo effect

By collaborating with startups and scaleups you signal to your staff, stakeholders and customers, your commitment to innovation and future growth. This level of responsibility and investment is powerful and inspiring.

CSR and ESG impact

Plus X activates trackable CSR and ESG deliverables and data, allowing you to show a business and social return on investment.

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