A summit designed for impact: Packaging Transformed

Today, the Better World Collective is hosting their first Innovation Summit: Packaging Transformed.

Aptly timed at the closing of the UK hosted COP26 where world leaders will be making commitments to accelerate climate action, the Better World Collective calls on business leaders to accelerate their sustainable materials innovation by utilising the incredible new technology and solutions that are already available.

During David Attenborough’s address at the Glasgow based event he said,

“A new industrial revolution, powered by millions of sustainable innovations is essential, and is indeed already beginning”.

Better World Collective is excited to play a part in this new industrial revolution by accelerating sustainable innovation and inviting corporate companies with sustainable innovation challenges, as well as startups and SME’s with sustainable solutions, to reach out.  

The Packaging Transformed Innovation Summit, held on 10th and 11th November at Angel Court Bank in London, brings together three global corporates who have made commitments to dramatically reduce packaging waste, and a group of innovators with  new materials and solutions with the potential to create a better world. 

The host for this event is Angel Court in Bank, a building constructed with sustainability at its core. At 300,000 square feet with terraces, sky floors and garden floors. The building is EPC rated A and BREEAM ‘Excellent’ certified with efficient lighting, BMS energy monitoring, heat recovery and water recycling systems - Perfectly located next to Bank station.

Inspiring change through sharing new ideas and curating opportunities for collaboration between those building  cutting edge  solutions and corporate companies who can help to commercialise and scale  them. This summit is designed to create faster adoption and  bigger impact. 

We are so pleased to be partnering with two impact conscious corporate partners, Kimberly-Clark and Natura & Co, whose products touch the lives of millions of people around the world. Both companies are seeking to discover new materials and process innovations that will transform their packaging and help them achieve their ambitious sustainability goals, as well as reducing their environmental impact.

The Packaging Transformed Innovation Summit will bring together key individuals from across Kimberly-Clark and Natura & Co and selected startups and scaleups to tackle their sustainability challenges.

Meet the exciting innovators coming together for the very first Better World Collective Innovation Summit!

Polymateria: An advanced biodegrading technology leaving behind zero micro plastics and no eco toxicity to the environment.  

MarinaTex: utilises waste products such as fish skin & scales to create a home compostable alternative to plastic film.  

Xampla: a natural solution, creating the world’s first plant protein for commercial use, decomposing naturally and fully without casing environmental harm.  

Shellworks: Vegan packaging solution turning waste crustacean shells into biodegradable, compostable products which can be used as an alternative to plastic.  

Cambond: A bio-resin which cuts CO2 emissions by 80%  


We are also very proud to partner with KTN, Mathys & Squire, CPI, Pulpex, Notpla who are leading event sessions.

This event is part funded by ERDF and UKRI Research England.

Better World Collective is curating purpose led connections between these big brands, startups and SMEs to see partnerships emerge that will scale new solutions and technologies for positive impact at a larger scale that would have otherwise have been possible.  

We look forward to seeing the impact of Packaging Transformed, Better World Collective’s first Innovation Summit.  

Future Summits include Circular Fashion and Textiles, Retail, Construction and Built Environment.  


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