22 - 23 March, 2022

Circular Fashion Innovation Summit

Turning Mountains of clothes into Opportunity

In partnership with Kimberly-Clark and PANGAIA.

Kimberly-Clark and PANGAIA products touch the lives of millions of people around the world.  They are seeking to discover new materials and process innovations that will transform their leading homecare, family-care and fashion products to help them achieve their ambitious sustainability goals and reduce their environmental impact.

Selected startups and scaleups will connect with leading experts across departments at PANGAIA and Kimberly-Clark as well as business mentors, experienced founders and peers at the 2-day Innovation Summit on 22-23 March 2022. Through pitches, talks and 1-2-1 meetings you will gain valuable insights, explore how your product or service could help solve industry challenges and prepare for future collaborations with industry partners. This will be an in-person event taking place in central London.  

Join the Circular Fashion Innovation Summit to: 

1. Pitch your solution to leading brands and industry experts
2. Explore applications of your innovation within industry
3. Gain insights on how to navigate and better prepare for corporate collaborations
4. Build relationships with senior managers of large multi-national corporations
5. Grow your network and learn from peers and experts in the field
6. Explore opportunities to test your solution

The Circular Fashion Innovation Summit will bring together key individuals from across PANGAIA and Kimberly-Clark with selected startups and scaleups to tackle challenges across three main areas.  

Are you an innovator or startup that has a technology or solution for the challenges below? 

Sustainable materials. Solutions may include but are not limited to: 

- Biosynthetic materials and fibre alternatives for paper-based and lycra products

- Sustainable and toxic-free pigments, dyes and inks and methods for printed graphics and garments

- Adhesives, binders and coatings that are bio-based, compostable or recyclable

- Technologies that reduce or enable more efficient use of fibre  

- Treatments or additives that can enhance material or product qualities such as strength, softness, stretch, colour and durability

- Materials that have a low carbon footprint across the full growth and production cycle Materials and methods that are beneficial to the environment i.e. methane offsetting, preventing landfill, reducing emissions and water use


Circular and closed loop solutions. Solutions may include but are not limited to:

- Materials and processes that are reusable, recyclable or compostable 

- Use of second-life fibres such as textiles

- Methods to produce short-fibres

- Solutions that make use of waste streams such as fruit and vegetables

- Processes or chemicals to remove plastics, print or non-recyclable materials from products and recover source fibres 

- Collection, take-back and reuse programmes

- New innovative products that promote reuse or could replace existing single-use items 

- Use of digital methods in the product development process to reduce waste and carbon footprint i.e design, sample production and testing

 We have particular interest in hearing from those who have solutions to the following challenges: 

 - Apparel that requires high stetch and flex performance and durability to replace lycra, elastics and yarn

-  Colour vibrancy and longevity for printed graphics and binding methods for embedding into textile and footwear

-  Increased absorbancy, softness and strength for products including kitchen towels, tissues, facial tissues and wipes, softness (when dry and wet) 

- Secondary products include nappies, feminine care and incontinence products   

Contact Anneza if you would like to meet with Kimberly-Clark and PANGAIA to explore how your technology could help solve their sustainable materials challenges.

Better World Collective Summits evoke change through the power of collaboration. This programme is facilitated by Plus X and the power of their growing network of innovation hubs around the UK. A leader in supporting startups and SMEs in their business and product development through their accelerator programmes, Plus X has access to the most innovative change-makers in the UK.

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